To Apply:

For your application for housing to be considered, please complete the online application in full. Our application fee is $50 per applicant. This fee covers the cost of screening which is $20.00 per applicant as well as the additional staff support needed to verify information for which we charge $30.00 per applicant. If you chose to pay the application fee online, our software system charges a $5 processing fee. If you do not wish to pay this processing fee, we accept cashier’s check, cash, or money order in our office. 


When you put down completed applications for a unit that is readily available, you may also put down a pre-lease hold fee to hold the unit while your application is processing as we operate on a first come, first serve basis. The Pre-lease hold is not a requirement at the time you remit your applications to us, however, that does mean that the rental unit is subject to being held for another applicant if they present a pre-lease hold at the time, they submit their applications.



Applications are screened in the following areas: 

1. Rent to Income ratio - we require 3(Three) times the monthly income (this can be from a variety of sources, including housing subsidies). 

2. Landlord/Tenant information & references

3. Criminal History 

4. Credit History


Application Convenience Fee: $4.70

Application Fee For:

Applicants/Co-applicants (roommates, spouse): $50.00

Other (dependents): $0.00

Co-signer/Guarantor: $50.00

Please provide a valid ID, Social Security Card, current tenant ledger, and most recent pay stubs with submission of an application.
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