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To Apply:

For your application for housing to be considered, please complete the online application in full. Our application fee is $55 per applicant (Not refundable) and will need to be paid before processing can begin. This fee covers the cost of screening which is $25.00 per applicant as well as the additional staff support needed to verify information for which we charge $30.00 per applicant.

**  For Paper application due to the increased manpower to process, we do charge an additional $5 for paper applications due to the increase in time spent entering data. 

 When you put down completed applications for a unit that is readily available, you may also put down a pre-lease hold fee (in office by cashier check or money order) to hold the unit for you while your application is processing as we operate on a first come, first serve basis. The Pre-lease hold fee is not a requirement at the time you remit your applications to us, however, that does mean that the rental unit is subject to being held for another applicant if they present a pre-lease hold at the time, they submit their applications. If you choose to place a pre-lease hold fee on one of our readily available units, we will not process anyone else's applications until there has been a decision made to accept or deny the application with a pre-lease hold fee.  If the application is not accepted for housing the fee will be refunded to you, if the application is approved and you have changed your mind or found other housing, the fee is not refundable. 


Applications are screened in the following areas: 

1. Rent to Income ratio - we require 3(Three) times the monthly income (this can be from a variety of sources, including housing subsidies). 

2. Landlord/Tenant information & references

3. Criminal History 

4. Credit History


Application Convenience Fee: $7.50

Application Fee For:

Applicants/Co-applicants (roommates, spouse): $55.00

Other (dependents): $0.00

Co-signer/Guarantor: $55.00

Please provide a valid ID, Social Security Card, current tenant ledger, and most recent pay stubs with submission of an application.

Please give us a call! 
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